My client list includes: Gothia Fortbildning, Pan Vision studio, Fjärilshuset, Teatime, Konfekten, Printdreams, Ragunda Kyrka



Information - Education Games - Print design - Books

I also draw directly in Photoshop or Illustrator or Flash when working with these kind of pictures, on my wacomboard.

You will find me beeing a very reliable person, who will deliver the very best, at the your set deadline.


I have done pictures for:

- First aid course

- Learning game

- Educational book

- Videogames for kids and adults.

- Print patterns


. I will deliver pictures that will work well with your text and the overall environment of the concept. My Pictures are able to explain, educate or/and amuse your customers. From my company you will get excellent quality and I promise my pictures will meet your expectaitions.


At Pan Vision Studio I worked in a design team, We completed great games as "Halvan och flygplanet, Halvan och Bärgningsbilen", I also worked with "Sune och pussjakten" the production company Teatime wanted me to make pictures for a learning game.

Contact: Catrina Norman Tengroth +46 (0) 703-28 37 04, Stockholm, Sweden

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